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Institute of Nuclear Science was established to include the departments of Nuclear Sciences, Nuclear Technology and Nuclear Applications and to offer postgraduate education in these fields in 1982.

The fields of area of the Institute of Nuclear Science include scientific researches towards the structure of nucleus, energy production out of the nucleus and the interaction of the radiation resulting from the excitation of subatomic world with substance.




    Current Projects:

    Development of a dopped silisium based IR Photodecetor, Supported by Hacettepe Universitesi BAP

    The act of nonlinearity enhancement of Fano resonances on the quantum entanglement features of plasmonic nanoparticles, Supported by TUBITAK 1001

    OSL Based Small Field Dosimetry of Cyberknife SRS/SBRT Sysytem, Supported by TUBITAK 1001

    Vortex-Vortex lattice pattern phase-transition induction with superradiation in the Bose-Einstein condensate, Supported by TUBITAK 3501

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